The President of Rochas Foundation,
His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha

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Rochas Foundation Education Management System (ROFEMIS) creates a common gateway for the proper and effective management of the educational system to ensure quality education. ROFEMIS will bridge the gap among students, educators, parents and administration, in order to increase interactivity and communication and to facilitate collaborative work and research, enhance students’ awareness and exploration of educational resources available in the Web, and thereby create opportunities for the students to increase their learning potential, increase the use of the Web by students and teachers and thereby foster further adoption of Information Society ideals within the educational community. Towards achieving the above objectives, ISEMS Portal provides to its users the following tools and services: Digital Library; Through the Digital Library of the portal, users may gain access to various educational resources as well as to information on the legal framework underlying primary and secondary education in Greece. The provided educational resources include, but are not limited to, articles and publications, tests and exams, teaching instructions and guidelines, and in general useful and practical educational material. Special Interest Forums; A number of online communities of special interest can be established through the portal’s forum facilities as a means for collaboration and communication among the portal users. Users can propose discussion topics and participate in evolving discussions. Furthermore, the portal provides the ability to certain groups of users to participate in private exchanges of ideas, opinions and experiences. Announcements board; This facility allows wide dissemination of latest news and information on educational topics, as well as access to the archives of all past announcements. Advanced search facilities; Users can use various search facilities (eg keyword-based, parameter-based) to retrieve information regarding all the available portal content (digital library resources, posted messages, announcements, etc). Administration tools; The portal features an integrated content management system for organizing and facilitating the collaborative creation and update of dynamic content. Furthermore, it provides the administration of each school in the region with support facilities for the accomplishment of administration tasks, such as (semi-) automated generation of statistical reports.

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